Vehicle weighting

Vehicle weighting 24/7

UNIWERSTAL Skup złomu - ważenie pojazdów Białystok 24h

CAR WEIGHTING SERVICES – 24 hours, 7 days a week, Białystok Popiełuszki St. 113

We offer car and goods weighting services with the use of a modern digital car scales with an up-to-date certificate.
the maximum load is 60,000 kg
a printout proof of weighing a vehicle or goods
includes the entry and weighting of a vehicle or a car

We invite you 24 hours a day at our weighing station located in Popiełuszki St. 113 in Białystok.
Open 24 hours. When the gate is closed, please use the bell located to the left.

REMEMBER !   The highest penalty for exceeding the maximum authorised mass is even 15.000 PLN.
From 1 Jan. to 31 Dec. 2016 as many as 90 percent of all inspections carried out by Road Transport Inspection connected with weighting trucks ended in imposing fines.