industrial gases

The sale of LINDE industrial gases

Our LINDE gas sales point provides comprehensive solutions for the supply of gases and gas technologies for almost all industries, the environmental protection sector, scientific research facilities and the medical sector.

Our wide range of products includes: industrial gases (atmospheric gases, process gases, fuel and shielding gases for welding and gas mixtures), specialty gases, gases for the food industry, as well as gases for hospitals and the rescue medicine and chilling agents.

We provide the best forms of high pressure gas supply either in cylinders or cylinder bundle, to be collected from our warehouse or delivered to the customer.

UNIWERSTAL skup złomu Białystok - gazy techniczne Linde
UNIWERSTAL - Skup złomu Białystok - gazy techniczne Linde, przemysłowe

The sales point of LINDE gases – an international renowned industrial gas company based in Pullach im Isartal near Munich, also known as The Linde Group. In 2000 Linde AG took over the Swedish company Aktiebolag Gasaccumulator AB (AGA AB) and in 2006 – the British group BOC (operating in Poland as BOC Gaza), becoming the world’s largest supplier of industrial gases.

Linde AG Polish branch has been operating since 1993 under the name of Linde Gaz Polska Sp. z o.o. Its head office is located in Krakow. The company bought out in part or in whole:

  • Zakłady Gazów Technicznych Polgaz

  • Poligaz Łódź

  • Eurogaz Bydgoszcz

  • Poligaz Gdańsk

  • Poligaz Jelenia Góra

  • Hydrogas Polska