Car scrapping

Car scrapping – Scrapping of vehicles

Spółka UNIWERSTAL also buys and recycles vehicles and industrial machines. We issue certificates required to deregister a car in any communication department. We buy cars and vehicles of every class.

Each car is individually estimated on site.

We also buy cars suitable for further use or repair.

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When the car is sold for scrap, the owner or an authorized person is obliged to provide:

the identity card or other identity document,

the vehicle registration card,

the vehicle history card, if issued, or an appropriate certificate issued by the competent authority for the place of the last registration of the vehicle,

If the vehicle has 2 or more owners – a written consent of the other owners or their presence during issuing of the document is required,

If the registration card, vehicle history card, registration plate(s) have been lost or stolen – the owner shall submit a corresponding statement. In this situation, and if the owner of the vehicle is not shown in the registration card, it is necessary to present a vehicle ownership document, e.g.:

  • a sales contract confirmed by the Tax Office – if the car was purchased but not registered to the new owner (the registration card is issued to the previous owner)
  • an invoice
  • a donation act
  • a copy of the court judgment
  • a police receipt (if the registration card has been kept) or a copy of the registration card certified by the competent communication department
  • Jf the vehicle is registered as a company vehicle, company’s documents have to be attached (the entry in the register or the National Court Register) and an authorisation for the company’s representative to scrap the vehicle
  • In the event of the death of the vehicle’s owner, we need a death certificate and a copy of the court order concerning the declaration of the acquisition of the inheritance

At car scrapping we are obliged to:

cancel the vehicle registration card, the vehicle history card and registration plates,

issue an appropriate certificate required to deregister the vehicle in the competent communication department,

if the vehicle was incomplete – issue a certificate of acceptance of an incomplete vehicle,

send within 7 days a copy of the certificate of dismantling the car to the communication department of the commune office where the car was last registered

All relevant authorisation and declaration forms are available on the site.

It is also possible to download the forms here below and provide them with the car.

Here you can download authorisations useful at car scrapping:

The authorisation for individuals

The authorisation for companies