Auto Parts Bialystok

The sale of auto parts

We sell used car parts of most makes.
Over 200 cars being dismantled
Daily deliveries
Negotiable prices
Start-up warranty

UNIWERSTAL - skup złomu Białystok - części

We specialise in the sale of:

body parts (bumpers, bonnets, fenders, flaps, doors, dummies, etc.),
lighting (headlamps, lamps, direction lights, etc.),
steel and aluminium wheels,
suspension parts,
all engines and their accessories,
used tires

Auto części Białystok - Tax Free

  Visit our Allegro shop  →  Allegro UNIWERSTAL - Skup złomu Białystok or call us on +48 695 186 998

In the case of big parts such as an engine, we are able to deliver them to the customer within the district with our own transport. In our offer you can find a lot of occasions, interesting parts that are rarely offered by other sellers.

Our reliability and speed combined with attractive estimates means we provide services at the highest level. Our offer is updated as often as possible. Feel welcome to visit our head office, and if you are interested in specific components, we are able to dismantle them on the site.

  We invite bodyshops and auto repair shops to cooperate with us!