UNIWERSTAL – A scrap metal dealer in Białystok

We are a dynamically developing and at the same time the largest business entity in Białystok in the field of buying of scrap metal and recycling of secondary raw materials.

 Skup złomu Białystok - UNIWERSTAL

We have all necessary permits for processing, collecting and transport of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

Thanks to experience we have gained, we are able to collect and transport any amount of scrap. Dismantling is also possible at the customer’s site.

In our head office in Bialystok and in our branches we buy steel and cast iron scrap, batteries, catalytic converters, car bundles, coated cables and coloured metals such as:

  • aluminum (castings, profiles, coolers, cans, etc.)
  • copper
  • stainless steel
  • brass
  • zinc-aluminium alloy
  • lead
  • titanium
  • other

We buy transformer stations and transformers, such as:

  • power transformers
  • oil cooled transformers
  • cast-resin power transformers
  • dry type transformers

We buy transformers both in a good technical condition, as well as damaged or out of service.
Each transformer is valued individually after sending pictures and data from the nameplate to our e-mail address.

Moreover, we sell dismantled steel (which can be used as a construction material), among others:

  • closed and open profiles
  • thin and thick metal sheet
  • standard and reinforcement bars
  • angle bars, T-bars, C channels, etc.
  • pipes, chains, ropes
  • non-standard elements and others

Regular collection and purchase of scrap metal

  We invite individual customers and companies to cooperate with us on regular collection / purchase of scrap metal.

  For free we put a container for scrap metal at the place of your choice, and when it fills up we collect the scrap at no extra cost with own transport at the time convenient to you, leaving the empty container.

  We do not charge for the lease of our containers, and thanks to the cooperation with Polish steel mills and foreign partners, we are able to offer the best prices of your raw materials.

UNIWERSTAL - skup złomu Białystok

We have about 200 containers of different sizes.

We have equipment for classification, partial processing and loading of scrap metal.

We also have our own specialized transport and highly qualified staff.

Our motto is immediate payment for the collected raw material.

We issue waste transfer notes.

UNIWERSTAL – A scrap metal dealer in Białystok
We invite you to cooperate with us!